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After the Bungy Jump . . . There's Still A Lot of Jerking Goin' On  - a fictional story that follows both (Bea) the mother and (Lou Ann) the daughter as they struggle to find a way to make the best of a bad situation.  Each chapter gives the two characters an opportunity to "say their piece", thus providing the reader with the story from both sides of the bars. The book has been used with correctional facility programs, as a literary study at a local community college (CA) English Literature class, as well as a mandatory read for prison ministry participants. Books available on amazon.

A Soiled Identity: From Triumph to Tragedy and Back Again - a tale of two transitions. It is the story of a Marine who returns from military to civilian life and discovers it is not very easy.  He finds himself in a bit of trouble and lands on the wrong side of the criminal justice system and must figure out how to transition back into society. It is a fictional story that feels very real. Books available on amazon.



Training Systems:

A Soiled Identity: From Triumph to Tragedy and Back Again – This 18 course life- look training accompanies the book (A Soiled Identity) and companion workbook that has been designed especially for the individual who has been separated from family/environment and is facing the daunting task of reunifying. It is also suggested for people working with returning citizens. The program will assist the participant with making that major step back into their community with renewed esteem, confidence and awareness of self.

After the Bungy Jump . . .There’s Still A Lot of Goin’ On a 12 – 24 week course that walks through the book of the same title and also provides supplemental parenting, life and relationship training for the family in transition. Designed for the parent that has been separated and their family, the training can be presented individually or to the family unit, during deployment/separation or after release/separation from service. (Includes facilitator guide, workbook for participants.



Guide Books:

A Guide for Families Dealing With Separation
The guide an be used to assist family and its separated member navigate through the separation from and reunification with their family

101 Ways to Support the Incarcerated/Formerly Incarcerated.

Simply sounding the alarm can no longer satisfy us. We know the harsh realities of imprisonment and reentry of the formerly incarcerated - this guide gives some ideas of ways one can get involved and be a part of the answer.

Children of the INCARCERATED/Who Will Hear Their Voices
Until recently the children of incarcerated parents have been a relatively invisible population. This booklet helps with understanding the impact of this family emergency on children and shares some ideas on how to help alleviate some of the associated stress.

Re-entry Successful: Seeing it to the Better End. Reentry is not easy for the returning individual. This guide helps with working through the maze and offers helpful tips for meeting the challenge head on.




Pivotal Parenting Point with Doris Mangrum – KDYA – 1190 AM – “The Light” – San Francisco Bay Area – 2008 -2009 (Host and  Executive Producer)
Lets Saidiana - KDYA –1190 AM – “The Light” – 2009 -2013 (Host and  Executive Producer)




Stop the Madness: Practical Ways to Influence the Incarceration Crisis (STM) ( 2013- present )

Berkeley Community Media – Comcast Channel 28 -Comcast/Public Access Television airs  throughout the  San Francisco Bay Area (Host and Executive Producer)
Life After Incarceration Series is a special project of STM  ( 2014 - present )
Compilation of interviews of individuals who have successfully  reintegrated back into society. (The interviews are    used in training and will be developed into a documentary) Host and  Executive Producer)

Education in Our Community   ( 2014- present )
A community awareness program highlighting important  people, places and events in the San Francisco Bay Area.  (Host and Executive Producer)




Changing Lives After Incarceration – 2011
An award-winning call-to-action feature length documentary

(Executive Producer and Screenwriter)
Arrested Development for Women: Teaching and Loving Kids –  2010 - A short (Executive Producer/Director)



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