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Hayward, CA (April 26, 2014) Doris I. Mangrum, long time advocate for families impacted by separation was presented an American flag flown over the United States capitol building in Washington, DC in recognition of her commitment to support our veterans and their families by Congressman Eric Swalwell, United States Representative from California’s 15th Congressional District at the Saidiana Veterans Memorial Choirs’ Why We Sing Tea Luncheon on April 26, 2014.


Congressman Swalwell was the keynote speaker at the luncheon held at the Veterans Memorial Building in Hayward, CA. The event was presented to honor our active duty, National Guard, reserves and retired veterans for making the important decision to become a member in the United States Armed Forces and protect the freedom we so richly enjoy and to unveil the housing initiative for homeless veterans.


The Saidiana Veterans Memorial Choir, founded in 2013 by Louis C. Langston, Doctor of Humanities, to honor and celebrate the lives of veterans and active military adopted the name saidiana, which in Swahili means help each other to commemorate Saidiana Productions founder, Doris I. Mangrum for her acclaimed humanitarian work as a champion for economic and social justice on behalf of the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, veterans, their family and survivors of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


For over three decades, Doris has worked to help family, the smallest unit of government, remain intact. She has helped countless families navigate through the challenges of separation and reunification when one of their members is at a distance from their loved ones for long periods of time.


At the luncheon, her latest literary work, A Soiled Identity: From Triumph to Tragedy and Back Again, a soldier’s story of perseverance was unveiled. The novel has a companion life-look program that includes a workbook and facilitator guide for military personnel or anyone who may need assistance with reintegration and reunification. Doris is also playing an integral role in helping to spearhead the Saidiana Homeless Veterans Housing Initiative Committee to develop housing resources for under-served, homeless veterans living in the San Francisco East Bay area.


Doris is also a speaker, trainer, award-winning filmmaker, radio and television talk show host and producer. She is the founder of Saidiana Productions, CEO of Saidiana Works, Inc., owner of Saidiana FUSE Publishing, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Saidiana Veterans Memorial Choir.



May 1, 2014. | Antioch CA




Real-Life DilemMas

With New Book A Soiled Identity: From Triumph to Tragedy and Back Again


Doris I. Mangrum, author of several books on the frenetic dance of separation and reunification is hitting the literary pavement again with her new novel, A Soiled Identity: From Triumph to Tragedy and Back Again that follows a decorated Marine in a powerful tale of two transitions. His triumphant return from the theater of war is not easy. He finds himself on the wrong side of the criminal justice system and must try to regain his footing back into society in spite of all of the challenges.

A percentage of 2014 profits from her book sales are being donated to assist the Saidiana Homeless Veterans Housing Partnership to help develop housing resources for underserved, homeless veterans living in the San Francisco East Bay area. Readers of her books and followers of her work have expressed great enthusiasm for the novel and are pulling for her to make a significant number of sales so that homeless veterans and their families will benefit.

“The book is a must read. Once I started, it was very difficult to put it down. I have worked with people whose lives have been impacted by separation and the challenges they face in transition, A Soiled Identity captures two very poignant life-changing shifts. Doris is making such a big difference in the world by calling attention to the challenges of separation and reintegration, while also helping people to advance on their reintegration journey.” Genette Sidney – Former Correctional Educator, Family Life Proponent, Community Organizer.

Doris I. Mangrum has been fascinated with the saidiana (in Swahili, help each other) spirit since she was a young child. Helping others find their way has always been her passion. With degrees in Child Development, Education, and extensive study in Human Development, her career development has taken a direct path towards fulfilling her objective. Her book, A Soiled Identity: From Triumph to Tragedy and Back Again along with its companion life-look program is a fictional story that was birthed out of that experience.

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