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STAINS: Changing Lives After Incarceration a call-to-action documentary

The Grand Family Center – Newark, New Jersey

The Grand Family Center opened on May 27, 2009 and was the nation’s second and the state’s first such resource center which provides information and support for grandparents who are raising grandchildren.  The center is a partnership between the City of Newark, Essex County and the Salvation Army. For more information about the Grand Family Center, visit  www.use.salvationarmy.org


Amachi Mentoring Program – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Amachi is a unique partnership involving both secular and faith-based organizations working together to provide mentoring to children of incarcerated parents.  Launched in Philadelphia in 2000, Amachi has spread rapidly; there are now at least 350 Amachi-modeled programs in more than 100 US cities and all 50 states.  To date, these programs have served more than 100,000 children.  PPV continues to work to see that new mentoring-children-of-prisoners programs benefit from the lessons learned in the Amachi initiative.  For more information about this initiative, please contact Muna Walker at [email protected].


Chicago Legal Assistance for Incarcerated Mothers – Chicago, Illinois

CLAIM is a not-for-profit agency founded in 1985 with a mission to provide legal and educational services to maintain the bond between imprisoned mothers and their children.

CLAIM provides legal advice and representation to help mothers take proactive steps to prevent their incarceration from causing permanent destruction of their families.  CLAIM assists mothers in appointing relatives or trusted friends caregivers enforce legal rights such as mother-child visits and public benefits for children while their mothers are incarcerated.  CLAIM also works with others to regain child custody upon their release after a period of transition and adjustment.

CLAIM has grown from a one-woman office to a dependable source of legal aid for women prisoners and their families, which includes two volunteer lawyer programs, a staff of four (two of whom are former prisoner) and an active and diverse Board of Directors. CLAIM is the only agency in Illinois that focuses on legal aid and advocacy to benefit women prisoners and their children.  For more information visit www.claim-il.org/contact-us.


USE WHAT YOU GOT MINISTRY – Indianapolis, Indiana

A driving force for families. The children and families of the incarcerated are often the forgotten hidden victims in the criminal justice system. Emotional and logistical challenges often make the family members feel that they, too, have been imprisoned.

By providing transportation, Use What You Got Prison Ministry affords these families the ability to maintain crucial connections during the incarceration of their loved one.  To propel the fragile family unit from a state of hopelessness to optimism is their ultimate goal.

Goal #1 – Keep families connected

Goal #2 – Provide an arena for understanding society and different cultures

Goal #3 – Develop critical thinking in program participants

Goal #4 – Enhance communication and quantitative skills of participants

Goal #5 – Foster or establish an understanding of values and ethic

Goal #6 – Enable integration and application of knowledge, skills and abilities

Goal #7 – Stimulate intellectual growth and adaptiveness

For more information visit, http://www.usewhatyouvegotministry.org


As the United States continues to imprison large numbers of its population, services that meet the special needs of the families who are left behind, must be provided.  Families of Incarcerated Individuals, Inc. is an organization that is dedicated to providing those services.

Families of Incarcerated Individuals, Inc. (FII) is a non-profit organization established in 1989 to serve families who are affected by incarceration.  Since its inception, FII has provided a variety of community based programs and services designed to foster positive family values and cultivate opportunities for self-sufficiency and citizenship among individuals affected by incarceration.  Our mission is to deter incarceration through family support.

For more information visit, www.familiesofincarcerated.org


BURIED TREASURES, INC.  - Byram, Mississippi

Buried Treasures Ministry was born in the heart of Nickie and Dick Benz in January 1999 when they saw a news report about ladies of the street, prostitutes and drug addicts in her own home town that just kept going in and out of jail like it had a revolving door. As girls were interviewed, each one said that she had no other place to go except the street when she got out of jail.  As Nickie and Dick watched the report, they didn’t see criminals, they saw sad, desperate, lonely women.

Since that first meeting, Buried Treasures has continued to meet with ladies in jail each week and minister to their families with special events sponsored by First Baptist Church. Since 1999, hundreds of inmates and their families have been blessed by hundreds of volunteers from First Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi and other churches in the community.

Buried Treasure Home (BTH) offers women a Christ based one year residential discipleship program.  First, residents receive weekly individual and group counseling from the BTH staff using the Christian 12-step program.  Professional counseling continues on a weekly basis for one year.  Past hurts and abusive behavior must be addressed before one can begin trusting Jesus to control their lives. Second, after about six months, ladies are directed into an educational program, usually at Hinds Community College.  With education and the skills required to enter a career, these women will graduate from Buried Treasures Home with a biblical pattern of success in life, home, family, church and the workplace.

For additional information, visit www.buriedtreasureshome.com


UROJAS MINISTRIES – Oakland, California

Since 1998, Urojas Supportive Services has been supporting infants to elders.  Urojas turns no one away.  Whether they are homeless, have an issue with drugs or alcohol or just released from confinement in a correctional facility.  Pastor Jasper Lowery directs Urojas.  His mission is to help people who are abandoned, with little or no direction.  Urojas places its initial focus on the basic needs of the individual for food and shelter.  Once residency is established, the ministry provides a number of services including help groups, workshops, parenting, nutrition sessions, job placement assistance individual counseling and much more.

Pastor Lowery also provides leadership in the Measure Y program in Oakland, California that goes out into the local neighborhoods to provide needed resource information to residents of the community. www.urojas.org


The Community Service Center, Inc. began as the vision of a group of volunteers who spent time in the local jail assisting inmates prior to their release.  After witnessing inmates returning to incarceration through the revolving door, the volunteers realized that employment was not the only key to freedom and success.  It was not only essential that ex-offenders be productive in their families and community, but they also needed a place to develop and strengthen their coping skills, while continuing to work on issues in their lives which were barriers to stability and success.

The Community Service Center, Inc. (CSC) is a non-profit United Way member agency of the Greater New Orleans area established in 1965 to reduce recidivism within the ex-offender population.  CSC is the oldest agency in the Greater New Orleans Metro Area with over 42 years of experience in advocacy and service delivery to the ex-offender population. The mission and goal of CSC is to provide holistic social services to its clients and their families enabling them to become vital productive citizens of the community.  CSC has provided much of the needed assistance to the ex-offender population through a range of services that are vital to the success for the clients and their families.

Form more information visit, www.cscnouw.org



The National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated (NRCCFI) Family & Children Network is the oldest and largest organization in the United States focused on children and families of the incarcerated and programs that serve them.

For a directory of program throughout the country that serve children and families of the incarcerated visit, www.fcnetwork.org